Vol 4, No 7 (2012)

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Image Spam Detection through Server-Client Filtering by Tracing the Source IP of the Spammer Untitled
S.P. Adarshya, R. Mekala, Raseena Arayakkandiyil, V. Gowri 349-353
Invariant Recognition of Face in Color Images with Texture Features PDF
C. Victoria Priscilla, B. Poorna 354-360
Vision Aided Autonomous Forced Landing Site Selection for UAV using Hyperspectral Image Processing PDF
G. Anitha, Sudheer Kumar Nagothu 361-366
Number Plate Recognition for Vehicular Surveillance System using an Improved Segmentation PDF
T. Sridevi, Dr. Habibulla Khan, Ch. Sindhu, P. Naga Praveen Kumar, P. Sagar 367-371
Quantitative Analysis of HRCT Images for Characterization of Pulmonary Emphysema PDF
J. Shari, G. Sujitha, P.S. Vinishya 372-378
Improving Quality of Multiple Secret Shares using GSNL Filter in Visual Cryptography PDF
Linda Mol Ouseph, Iwin Thanakumar Joseph 379-385
Performance of Wavelet, Contourlet and 2D PCA Transforms for Image Denoising PDF
P. Sivakumar, S. Ravi 386-390
Two Simple Shock Graph Structures for Object Recognition using Euler String PDF
Shubhalaxmi P. Hingway 391-400

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