Vol 4, No 9 (2012)

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Optical Character Recognition using Hybrid Classifiers PDF
Dr.V. S. Giridhar Akula, D. Sreenivasa Rao, S. Sravanthi 453-456
Compressed Domain Image Enhancement PDF
S.V. Viraktamath, Lubna Shaikh, SharanaPrasad Melkundi, Dr. Girish V. Attimarad 457-461
Face Recognition using Binary SIFT and it’s Robustness against Face Variations PDF
Rahul Prakash, Padmavati Padmavati 462-467
Multi-Variant Enhanced Region Growing Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation PDF
Brijesh N. Shah, Satish Shah, Yogesh Kosta 468-473
A Proposed Method for Image Retrieval using Normalized Euclidean Distance and Coefficient Analysis PDF
Nilofar Khan, Wasim Khan 474-478
A Novel Approach for Video Motion Estimation using Frames Difference within a Block PDF
K. Vidyavathi, Dr.R.S. Sabeenian 479-482
Robust Image Watermarking based on DWT-DCT-SVD against Geometrical Attacks PDF
Anjul Singh, Akash Tayal 483-487
Hybrid Approach using Bilateral Filter and Set Theory for Enhancement of Degraded Historical Document Image PDF
B. Gangamma, K. Srikanta Murthy, Arun Vikas Singh 488-496
Reversible Data Embedding using Color DICOM Images for Medical Applications PDF
S. Shymala Gowri, V. Muneeswaran 497-502

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