Vol 8, No 3 (2016)

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Review Paper: Detail Study for Sign Language Recognization Techniques PDF
Ramesh M. Kagalkar, Dr. S.V. Gumaste 65-69
Collaborating Left and Right Palmprint Images for Personal Identification PDF
Sagar Shah, Deepak Singh, Anand Dhamane, Bhushan Ware, Pranjali Kuche 70-73
An Improved Feature Extraction and Classification Using Neural Method for Accident Detection PDF
L. Suganya, R. Vinu Vicacini, S. Vithyaashri, A. Padmashree 74-78
A Methodology for Extracting Standing Human Bodies from Video Stream PDF
R. Dheepamuthuvalli, V. Sakthivel 79-82
An Efficient Algorithm for Reconstruction of Digital Images from Noisy Image Streams PDF
Pooja P. Dalvi, Rachel Dhanaraj 83-87
Survey on Secure Image Sharing by using NVSS PDF
Mukesh More, Kunal Dange, Abhijeet Gund, Vaibhav Akashe, Suvarna Nanaware 88-91
TYPE I and TYPE II Diabetic Food Recognition System using BAYESIAN, SVM, PARZEN WINDOW, ANN Classifiers PDF
B. Anusha, A.B. Ashin Leo 92-100
An Integrated, Optimum Feature Extraction and Evolutionary Computation Approach for the CBIR PDF
Chandrasekhar G. Patil, Dr. Mahesh T. Kolte 101-107

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