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Learner’s Centric Approach for Web Usage Mining

Dr.B. Eswara Reddy, B. Naveena Devi


Web Usage Mining has emerged as the essential tool for realizing more personalized user friendly and business optimal services. As the complexity of web applications and users interaction with applications increasing the need for intelligent analysis of the web usage data will also continue to grow. Hence, it is important for students and IT professionals to acquire knowledge and hands on experience in web mining during their education. Thus, a focus on techniques and architectures for more effective integration and mining of content, usage and structure data from different sources is likely to the next generation of more useful and more intelligent applications and more sophisticated tools for web usage mining that can derive intelligence from user transactions on the web. Recently there is a large number of Web Services frameworks that you can use and many of them are Open Source (OS) based. Web Services are APIs that facilitate the communication between applications For example, RapidMiner, Weka, Facebook,, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay opened access to their services and data through APIs. We can make use of these services for the development of web usage mining research applications


Data Mining, Information System, Open Web APIs, Web Usage Mining

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