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Web Usage Mining in Soft Computing Framework: A Review and State of the Art

Subhendu Kumar Pani, Lingaraj Panigrahy, R. Ramakrishna, Sanjay Kumar Padhi, Bikram Keshari Rath


This study presents the role of soft computing techniques (artificial neural network (ANN) fuzzy logic (FL) and genetic algorithm (GA)) in the area of web usage mining. In recent years the growth of the World Wide Web exceeded all expectations. Today there are several billions of HTML documents, pictures and other multimedia files available via internet and the number is still rising. But considering the impressive variety of the web, retrieving interesting content has become a very difficult task. So, the World Wide Web is a very advanced area for data mining research. Web mining is a research topic which combines two of the activated research areas: Data Mining and World Wide Web. Web mining research relates to several research communities such as Database, information Retrieval and Artificial intelligence, visualization. This paper also reviews the research and application issues in web mining.


Web, Data Mining, Web Usage Mining, Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm

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