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A New Paradigm for Transactions Management in Cloud Computing

Nesrine Ali Abd-El Azim, Ali Hamed El Bastawissy


Cloud computing has emerged as a computational paradigm that can be used to meet the continuously growing storage and processing requirements for a variety of web application. It promises its users with economies-of-scale, elasticity, and pay-per use pricing. Database management systems serving these web applications form a critical component of the cloud environment. These database management systems must not only scale-out to clusters of commodity servers, but also be self-managing, fault-tolerant, and highly available in order to be able to serve thousands and a variety of applications with huge amounts of data. In this paper we survey, analyze the currently applied transaction management techniques and we propose a paradigm according to which, transaction management could be depicted and handled.


CAP Theorem, Consistency, Cloud Computing, Transaction Management.

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