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A Mobile Application for Monitoring Inefficient &Unsafe Driving Behavior

Preeti R. Sawant, Sachin Pande


Now a day’s taxi businesses are at good boom. Many taxi companies are expanding as it has been become most profitable and safe business. But the main problem which taxi business owner face is driver’s vehicle handling, so for the safety of vehicle and passenger it is need of a device which can monitor the activity of the drivers and vehicles. This paper proposes the practical and economic measure and alert drivers of in inefficient and unsafe driving. The objective of this research s to monitor automobile driver’s   behavior and habits that can lead to inefficient and unsafe driving. However, it is the often case that these same drivers unknowingly exhibit this inefficient and unsafe driving behavior in their everyday driving activity. This paper provides a survey on a knowledge-based framework for a driving assistance via smart phone. Vehicle information extracted through On Board Diagnostics (OBD-II) protocol, data acquired from smart phone .The proposed solution consists of mobile application, running on a modern smart phone device, paired with compatible OBD-II reader.


On Board Diagnostics, Data, Smart phone, Inefficient and Unsafe Driving, Mobile Applications.

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