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Benchmark Test on Cassandra Using YCSB

Sandeep Kaur, Amneet Kaur


Big data systems provide us with capability of storing, capturing and analyzing big data, but such systems face lot of challenges. So there is need to develop benchmarks in order to compare and evaluate such systems. Big data benchmarks generate system workloads and tests for evaluating its performance and provide meaningful results. In this paper, benchmark test on Cassandra database is performed using Yahoo Cloud Service Benchmark. Python is used to establish connection with Yahoo Cloud Service Benchmark in windows operating system. At first keyspace is created in Cassandra, then loading and running data in Yahoo Cloud Service Benchmark.  The final results will appear in the form of throughput, latency and run time.   


Big Data; YCSB; Maven; Cassandra; Database; Git; Benchmark; Throughput; Workload.

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