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Cloud Malware and Malware Detection Survey

R. Emad El-Dein, B. Youssef, S. ElGamal


Malware affects computing systems like cloud systems through its malicious actions towards confidentiality, availability, and integrity of system resources and services. Because of the deployment of Cloud Computing environment is increasingly common, and we are implicitly reliant on them for many services as it offers cost-saving service for Cloud user. So, it is important to take care of Cloud Security.

In this paper, we investigate a survey on malware types that may exploit Cloud Computing systems; in the next sections, different aspects of malware detection techniques and types are discussed and how these malware detection systems fit into the cloud computing system architecture. Finally, a comparison between malware detection sensors is provided through many points like modeling techniques, main components, scalability, open source availability, and a risk analysis for those detection systems.


Cloud Computing, Computing Systems, Cloud Security, Malware, Malware Detection Techniques, Malicious, Sensors.

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