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Automatic License Plate Recognition and E-Ticketing System for Transportation

R. Ponnela Vignesh, N. Karthik, G. Rajeshkanna, V. Ravikumar, G. Yoseph


Electronics Toll Collection system developed in India to save the time by collecting the toll electronically instead of manually. In order to provide zero delay toll collection system, so many modern toll collection systems are used like RF Tags based toll collection system, Barcode Scanner based toll collection system, and number plate recognition based toll collection system. As all the aforesaid systems are reliable, but still it’s not defined as system without human interaction. The paper presents smart toll collection system using embedded Linux environment. The whole system is balanced and focused to design and develop an entirely automated license plate recognition system which will be an excellent low-cost alternative to all other systems. The entire system is design using embedded Linux development board such as Raspberry Pi. The board is most suitable for Implementing Image processing algorithm. In the suggested system one webcam is interfaced with Raspberry Pi Board which is used to capture the image of vehicle’s license plate which will pass through the toll booth. These images of license plates are processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine such that image of license plate will be converted into equivalent ASCII characters. This extracted information will further send to the RTO server to identify the type of vehicle and owner of the vehicle. The retrieval information will once again send to the system through GSM module interfaced with raspberry pi. According to the type of the vehicle the nominal toll will be deducted from owner’s account. After receiving the notification message on registered mobile number of the owner about the deducted amount from owner’s registered account, the barrier will open and vehicle is allowed to leave the toll booth.


License Plate, OCR, Toll

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