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Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning and Tracking System

S. M. Devasugan, S. V. Hariharan, M. Janakaraj, K. Nirmal, M. Ambigapathy


Solar energy is abundant in nature and is proving its existence for many applications like street light house hold appliance etc. solar energy  efficiency is reduced  due to the  factors like dust, humidity temperature etc. Electrical parameter solar panel are sensitive to accumulation at dust density which will affect the solar radiation in the panel .Also it is difficult to clean the panel normally. We designed an automatic cleaning system to improve efficiency and reduced regulation in generation power. The solar PV modules are generally employed in dusty environments which are the case in tropical countries like India. The dust gets accumulated on the front surface of the module and blocks the incident light from the sun. It reduces the power generation capacity of the module. This mechanism does not require any sensor or synchronization for tracking the sun. While for cleaning the PV modules, a mechanism consists of a sliding brushes has been developed. In this mechanism, the solar panels make a rotation of 360o in a day, which results in sliding of cleaning brushes twice over the PV modules. In terms of daily energy generation.


Rolling Brush, Arduino Board, DC Gear Motor, Gear Wheels, pv Panels

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