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A Comprehensive Analysis of Ethical Hacking

P. Santhanalakshmi, P. DivyaBharathi, R. Roshini, G. Sharmila


With the increased internet popularity, hacking has become threat to the security of the system or the network. The term “Hacker” represents a skilled programmer, who accesses the computer or penetrates deep into the network in unauthorized manner, in order to crack the password or disturb the network services. The hackers make use of the bugs or weakness in the software to achieve this. So, to safeguard the system or network application from being breached, the idea of ethical hacking has been introduced. Ethical hacking is the authoritative way of evading the system to identify possible threats and data breaches in the system/network. This paper, details the concept of ethical hacking and its types.


Security, Hacker, Ethical hacking, Black Hat Hacker, White Hat Hacker, Grey Hat Hacker.

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