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A Review: Various Applications of Business Intelligence

Padmakar G. Selokar, Bharathi Shetty


Information technology is now necessary in every feature of our lives which assist business and venture to make use of applications like reporting online analytical processing, query, decision support system and predictive analysis and business performance management. Presently, one of the most important tasks of the knowledge systems is trade with the up flow of information. In this paper, we survey on various applications of business intelligence and also present the basic idea of data analysis used on a real application problem. Business Intelligence (BI) permits a corporation’s decision-making to obtain a better sympathetic of their client, the market, supply and competitors and resources in order to create effectual strategic results. Also clarify the condition of investigate and growth of data structure for university data, particularly, essential audit data and its utilization for business intelligence analysis. Data mining engine is the major part of the majority business intelligence software to examine and report relations that live in the stored data. Visualization tools are created to assist data analysts easily explore the induced information.


Data Mining, Data Integration, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence.

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