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Cloud Computing with Mobile-Fi Technology Using Transposition and Substitution Cipher in Job Scheduling

V. B. Kirubanand


A network that distributes the information among computer systems contains a blend up of both wired and wireless interface devices. These devices play a vital part in routing and switching the data packets in the system. The use of MOBILE-FI Wireless tool technology holds the properties of allocating the activities of computer systems. Such allocated data storage technique was soon after enhanced with a procedure of centralized database storage called Cloud Computing Architecture System. Thus all the client demands are aptly responded from the server.

The standard Cloud Computing Architecture has been scrutinized with various network devices. This part of the research work is an implementation of multi mechanism hybrid model for successful and using Transposition and Substitutions Cipher method which will be protected data transmission.


Cloud Computing Architecture, Mobile-Fi Wireless Device, Job Scheduling, Markov Model, Transposition, Substitutions.

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