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An Architecture for Finite State Machine Based Web Service Composition

M. Thirumaran, P. Dhavachelvan, S. Abarna


As the emergence of service-oriented architecture provides a major boost for e-commerce agility, the number of available Web services is rapidly increasing. However, when there are a large number of Web services available and no single Web service satisfies the given request, one has to compose multiple web services to fulfill the goal. Web services composition refers to the process of collaborating the heterogeneous web services. Even though there are many web service composition methods exist, there is no simple, standard and scalable architecture which primarily aims to satisfy the need of user request at present. This paper presents a model of web services composition by using Finite State Machine (FSM) techniques which enables to provide effective and scalable solution for service composition by generating request satisfiable deterministic paths. FSMWC targets functional, service specific and QoS attributes which when given an information goal, attempts to find all services capable of providing the desired information. We present a model for FSM based Web Service Composition (FSMWC) and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of FSMWC.


FSM – Finite State Machine, WSCA – Web Service Composition Algorithm. QoS – Quality of Service.

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