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A Deep Web Data Integration Model for Pervasive Computing

D. Satish, N. Mohammed Haris


Pervasive computing demands to integrate all kinds of data, but with the rapid development of Web, there are more and more Web databases behind the query forms. It becomes imperative to provide an integrated query engine over Web databases under pervasive computing environments. In this paper, using house domain of Chinese environment as an example, we propose a more effective technique to perform this task. Our frame is called DWDE. Using Domain Ontology the process of Deep Web data integration is simplified, which only includes three modules, that is Query Interfaces Integration, Web Database Selection and Data Merger. It can get data rapidly and accurately from web databases. It adds three modules for pervasive computing, Interest Degree Manage, Demands Acquirement and Data Presentation. Using these modules, DWDE can combine a Deep Web data integration system into pervasive computing environments seamlessly, and provide better services to the users.


DWDE,sensors, PDAs, hones and E-Metaphase

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