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Determining to Make or Buy Decision of Vaccines Adoption – Case of Bahrain - Review

Dr. Ali Kamali


The outbreak of Covid19 has been sudden, and many countries thought it could last for a certain period and then suddenly disappeared similar to some diseases that occurred in the past, but things went in a way far from expectations. The coronavirus has made our life worse; it has worsened existing economic hardships for almost all countries, and it has taken a serious toll on mental health. After one year and a half, the pandemic is continuing to spread around the world, with about millions of deaths across nearly 200 countries, and many countries have thought that there is no way to control the disease without thinking of vaccination. To this end, almost, all countries have started to produce vaccines or buying vaccines from other countries for outbreak response, and Bahrain is one of the countries which has decided to go with the second decision, to buying vaccines from third parties. This paper describes the processes of both techniques and the requirements to either buy those vaccines, as in the current case of Bahrain or produce them in-house. The main purpose of this paper is to motivate developing countries to consider producing vaccines as strategic planning since the covid19 pandemic will likely remain for decades to come, circulating among the world’s population, and the only way to protect people from Covid19 is to ensure vaccination as it provides a high degree of protection against getting seriously ill and dying from the disease, although no vaccine is 100% protective according to WHO.  In addition, to propose a business case to review the strategic aspect for producing vaccines in-house, the paper consolidates information from different sources to understand both techniques based on the economic analysis for both decisions to drive a better understanding of all relevant factors associated with robust vaccine adoption for the strategic purpose in Bahrain and other developing countries.


Make or Buy Decision, Vaccines, Covid19, Bahrain, Economic Analysis, Business Case.

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