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Improving Security and Efficiency in Distributed Data and Leakage Detection System

Abey A. Shala, M. Vivekapriya


Many data hiding techniques have recently been analyzed as they could help to manage part of the security rights. The randomization is expected to increase the security of the system and also increase the capacity. One of the most challenging issues in data sharing systems is the enforcement of access policies and the support of policies updates. Cipher text policy attribute-based encryption (CP-ABE) is becoming a promising cryptographic solution to this issue. Among the general framework of data hiding, key generation plays an vital role with trusted key generation center in order to select keys and transport those keys to all communication entities secretly. In key generation the major drawback which is called as the key escrow problem and in my proposed system it is overcome by Free key issuing protocol which is constructed using the secure two-party computation between the key generation center and the data storing center. The confidentiality of this transformation in data will be theoretically secured by providing authentication for transferring keys which are being generated. In my proposed system by applying encryption in the data sharing system introduces another challenge with regard to the user revocation, since the access policies are defined only over the attribute universe. The efficiency and security analyses indicate that the proposed scheme is efficient to securely manage the data distributed in the data sharing system.



Key Escrow Protocol, Revocation, CP-ABE, KP-ABE.

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