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Multihand Administration with Intrusion Avoidance in Database System

S. Reshmi


Data is the most crucial part of an organization. Most of the organizations focus only on protecting the data from external attacks but a greater damage can be done by insiders. Standard database security mechanisms, such as access control, authentication, and encryption are not much helpful when it comes to preventing data threat from insiders. To protect the data from insider threat this paper provides a novel approach called multihand administration on a database system. The core idea is to provide a service level public key for any major DDL actions. It can be achieved by the usage of DDL trigger technique. Correlation of private and public key usage among DBAs enables the database repository change. Thus it prevents the malicious modifications by authorized users and protects the data from insider attack. Key transfer is achieved using .net SMTP and it is tracked in the database repository. Initially the system will be considering anonymous user access and the system is secured by hiding necessary connection string information followed by profile loading concept. It is one of the latest .net skin and theme techniques. The system provides response to anonymous user authentication by using three levels including conservative, aggressive and fine grained.



Databases, Intrusion Detection, Response, Insider Threat Prevention

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