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An Improved Approach for OWL-S Service Discovery Using Bipartite and Textual Matching

P. Mahesh, M. Deepa Lakshmi, Dr. Julia Punitha Malar Dhas


A large number of Web Services structure a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and facilitate the creation of distributed applications over web. The ability to discover and invoke a web service is a major challenge in Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). The matchmaking algorithm is the important component to discover the services. Initially, keyword matchmaking technologies (Syntax-based search) were used to discover the web services. But they had serious limitations – retrieval of many irrelevant services. To overcome this, semantics-based matchmaking algorithms were proposed. Most of the algorithms were based on M. Paolucci et al. It is seen that precision of these algorithms were too low. So our proposed work focuses on improving the matchmaking process by combining functional similarity matching (using bipartite graph) and textual similarity matching. The proposed technique is applied to a sample test collection and experimental results are presented, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the idea.


Bipartite Graph Matching, Matchmaking Algorithm, Similarity Measurement and Web Service Discovery.

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