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Novel Approach for Online Forum Hotspot Detection

Faran Kazi, Shraddha Joshi, Sahista Machchhar, Krupa Mandaviya


Social network, online forums, blogs and various sites where people can hold conversation in the form of messages, is recently become a more valuable resource for mining in various fields like customer relationship management, public opinion tracking and other text mining entities. The knowledge obtained from these public forums is extremely valuable for marketing research companies. This paper also include information of various tools available for crawling data from online forums, sites or blogs. In first part emotional polarity for extracted text is obtained using python script. In second part combined approach using EM (Expectation Maximization) clustering and SVM classification algorithm is applied to detect weather given forum is hotspot or non-hotspot for given time window. This novel approach gives better result than previous approaches to detect hotspot forums. Among them EM gives better result instead of K-means Clustering Technique.


SVM (Support Vector Machine); EM (Expectation Maximization); Sentiment Analysis; Hotspot Detection; K-Means.

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