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Review on Communities Participation in Programme Content Creation with Special Reference to Community Radio Stations in Tamilnadu

Mostafizur Rahman Khan, Firoz Ahmed


Communication plays an important role in the ongoing communication process. Verbal and non-verbal communication can be understood by others to first achieve a purpose and then enter the mind (Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 2000). In India, the media has played an important role in entertaining, educating and advocating the public over the past century. Radio is an inexpensive and primary media source for immediate and simultaneous communication. The Indian Broadcasting Service is available as a public broadcaster All India Broadcasting (AIR), a commercial dedicated FM channel (CPFM) and a community radio station (CRS) in a three-tier system. In the past 20 years, private FM channels and community radio stations have surpassed public service broadcasters. The focus of community broadcasting is a low-cost and low-income model of the cognitive process closest to the citizen. Unlike private FM broadcasts, private FM broadcasts are primarily for entertainment and business considerations, aiming to educate and master the community using their own expressions and voices. (Snehasis Sur, 2008).


Community Radio, Participation, Content Creation, Campus Community Radio.

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