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Comparative Analysis of Different Noise Sequence Embedded Color Image Watermarking Techniques in Spatial Domain

Rohit M. Thanki, Rahul K. Kher, Divyang D. Vyas


In this paper two digital watermarking schemes for embedding a monochromic watermark image into color cover image for different noise sequence like Pseudorandom (PN) and White Gaussian Noise (WGN) have been implemented. In order to exploit the correlation properties of both PN and WGN, the correlation based watermarking techniques like- Threshold Based Detection and Comparison Based Detection in Spatial domain have been analyzed for different noise power values and block size. Although the watermarked images appear quite different, visibly from the original image after noise sequence is embedded. As a result of our work, invisible watermarked image is generated by using PN Sequence and visible watermarked image is generated by using WGN Sequence for high value of noise. This paper also gives comparison of these schemes for different noise power values and watermarked images have been verified on the parameters of PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio) and MSE (Mean Square Error).


Pseudorandom Noise (PN), White Gaussian Noise (WGN), Processing Time of Embedder (PTE), Processing Time of Detector (PTD), Threshold Value

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