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An Ontology Mapping Maintenance Approach Using Change History Log in Ontology Based Data Integration

M. Thenmozhi, K. Balachandar, K. Vivekanandan


Data integration systems aim at integrating data from multiple heterogeneous, distributed and autonomous systems to provide a uniform access interface to end users. Today, ontologies are finding their way into a wide variety of applications including data integration. When using various ontologies to integrate data, mappings have to be produced. Mapping between two ontologies is used to achieve interoperability and to share information in an efficient manner. The requirement of updating the recent advances in a particular ontology leads to ontology evolution. Due to ontology evolution, the existing mapping between the ontologies become unreliable, invalid and outdated. In this paper we propose an ontology mapping maintenance approach using Change History Log (CHL). Our approach computes matching between the changed entities and adapts the existing mappings accordingly. It also ensures that the application of ontology changes should result in a mapping document conforming to the set of ontology mapping consistency constraints. The proposed approach can reduce the time needed for regenerating mappings for each time changes occurring in the ontology.


Change History Log, Knowledge sharing, Mapping Technique, Ontology Evolution, Ontology Mapping

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