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Analysis of the Classification Techniques for Plant Identification through Leaf Recognition

N. Valliammal, Dr. S. N. Geethalakshmi


The field of leaf recognition for plant classification has experienced an increased need for fast and efficient classification algorithms to aid in keeping track of our planet’s endangering inhabitants. This demand has led to the development of several techniques which have revolutionized the area of automatic plant classification. This increase in the number of techniques has given rise to the dilemma of deciding which of these methods possess the best properties and potentials for effective classification. This problem is of particular importance in the botany field where the distortion of information may lead to inaccurate and often neglect identification of important species. Thus, there exists a need to have knowledge about the different classification algorithms in order to see the advantages of each technique. Therefore this paper discusses the various techniques and methods used for plant classification through leaf recognition as reported by various researchers and academicians. In particular, this paper reviews research works based on two categories, namely, contour-based and region-based approaches.


Contour-Based, Leaf Recognition, Plant Classification, Region-Based.

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