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Privacy Preserving Similarity-based Text Retrieval through Blind Storage in Cloud

N. Ananth Rao, U. Deepak Shankar, S. Gowtham Pradeep, MR. Jeyamohan


An efficient and reliable methodology for search over encrypted data which is splited in to multiple blocks and then stored in blind storage. Here the encrypted multi keyword search pre computes the resulting search documents for the input query from users through Natural language processing Technique which is implemented on gateway (client side) on user file upload. The matching documents which is pre compute the before searching the encrypted cloud contents are retrieved from cloud. Here we does not pull all the encrypted data’s from cloud for searching, which is time consuming and ineffective. The matching documents memory locations on blind storage are retrieved from the serializable objects which is stored in the gateway. User can download the resulting documents after getting the keys from the group owner. User can upload the files in public and private mode.


Cloud Computing, Searchable Encryption, Multi- Keyword Ranked Search, Group Owners, Query Result, Access Control

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