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Advantages of Cloud Computing when Implemented along with Data Mining, Compression and Encryption

Joice Jose, R. Sreejith


In the modern era of Computer Science, information is stored and retrieved from cloud, which helps to handle tasks in an easy way. Data is uploaded to a third party server as encrypted files and are downloaded back when required. The uploading and downloading of data through internet depends on multiple factors such as network speed, server response etc. Data transfer between cloud and user takes more time as the file size increases. How is it possible to minimize the time required to upload and download a file? This paper looks into the idea of reducing the size of data file, to be uploaded to the cloud, by using data compression. Organizations retrieve the data saved in the cloud to understand the trends and movements, which help them to predict the future. Even though the compressed files are of minimum size, one can avoid downloading it again. Data mining techniques can utilize to minimize the number of downloads of the original data file. Adoption of this method will also reduce the high network dependency in cloud computing.


Cloud Computing; Data Mining; Security

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