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Reliability Modeling of a Cold Standby System with Different Repair Policies and Imperfect Coverage

Ashish Kumar, Monika Saini, Devesh Kumar Srivastava


This paper investigates a two-unit cold standby system with different repair policies and imperfect coverage. There is a single server remains always with the system to do repair, recovery and replacement of the unit after imperfect coverage. The failure time of the unit is exponentially distributed while the distribution of repair times, replacement time and recovery time of the unit follows arbitrary distribution. The unit works as new after repair and preventive maintenance. All random variables are statistically independent. Switch devices are perfect. By using semi-Markov process and regenerative point technique we analyse various performance measures of system effectiveness. The behaviour of some important measures of system effectiveness has been observed numerically with respect to repair rate by giving particular values to other parameters.


Reliability Modeling, Mean Time to System Failure (MTSF), Cold Standby System.

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