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Application Programming Interface (API) Ubiquitous yet Unseen to the Naked Eye

V. Manjushree Sahana, Dr. V. Udayarani


A journey of enormous proportion, both in terms of scale and speed through the WWW, more fondly called “The Internet” has been the single most technological breakthrough that not only revolutionized the way mankind connected and shared information to bring the world closer but transformed the whole notion of collaboration.

From the oldest known webpage accessed in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee to the latest stock price of Reliance Industries displayed on your cell phone while you are busy looking for the next available flight to Mumbai, connected technology has leap frogged to dimensions beyond human interception.

Surfing and wading through the wave of technological advancements and milestones, Internet has transformed itself into a virtual body organ and its ubiquitous presence in our everyday lives today has made it a “MUST HAVE” commodity stemming from a “GOOD TO HAVE” philosophy.

With terms like Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Neural networks gaining more and more popularity, the ability of machines to anticipate and understand human thinking the way a P2P interaction between two humans work is gaining more traction.

Nevertheless, this would not be much successful without both the parties striking a common ground on any given action. Adding to the complexity is the difference in the way, humans and machines understand information and respond accordingly.

Human action and responses are carried out by way of a Heart-Brain-Body connection. Though all organs are vital for coherent communication, the heart sits at the epicenter of everything that happens inside our bodies

Sending/receiving neural signals constantly that have a profound effect in the way we function.

This paper briefs about the difference between REST and SOAP API’s which are of great importance in the current technology. Industries and other real time applications are purely based on request sent by the customer and response got to the user.


Application Programming Interface (API), API, HTTP, Secure Payment Systems, Messaging

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