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Data Mining Perspective Approach for Systematic Investment Plan

Jonathan C. Ho, Gordon L. Hester


In few years Mutual Fund has emerged as a tool for ensuring one’s financial well-being. Mutual Funds have not only contributed to the India growth story but have also helped families tap into the success of Indian Industry. The main reason the number of retail mutual fund investors remains small is that nine in ten people with incomes in India do not know that mutual funds exist.  To serve this purpose. This article provides an analysis on Mutual fund through the various sources available and as an outcome. In today’s corporate and competitive world, Analysis reveals that Mutual fund has good growth and potential. Study of Mutual fund has given me the opportunity to work and get experience in a highly competitive and enhancing sector. The success story of good market share of different Mutual fund depends upon the returns of the Mutual fund.


Systematic Investment Plan, Data Mining, Investment Portfolio, Mutual Fund Sector.

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