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An Open Source Framework for Data Pre-processing of Online Software Bug Repositories

Naresh Kumar Nagwani, Dr. Shrish Verma


Software bug repositories are great source of knowledge. It contains lot of useful information related to software development, software design and common error patterns for a software project. Most of the projects uses some bug tracking system to manage the bugs associated with the software. These bug tracking system works as an online bug repositories, which can be accessed by all of the project members situated at different locations. All project members can update and read the software bug related information from these online bug repositories. In order to extract knowledge from these online software bug repositories some mechanism is required to extract, parse and save the data locally for analysis. In this paper a framework is proposed and implemented using open source API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) for the preprocessing of the online software bug repositories for data mining, also performance is evaluated for the implemented framework in terms of software bug data fetch and parse timings from online repositories.


Software bug repositories, Fetching bug repositories, Parsing software bugs, Data preprocessing of bug repositories

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