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QoS Localized Routing for Guarantee Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks using Data Fusion Method with Different Data Traffic Types

S.J. Kavitha, J. Roselin, Dr.P. Latha


This paper proposes a new QoS localized routing protocol for Guarantee reliability in Wireless sensor networks. The proposed protocol based on the QoS requirement according to the different data traffic types. The routing protocol is performed in three QoS metrics, namely Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Latency. The Energy consumption is based on the residual, transmission and fusion energy cost. By using the data fusion technique the energy can be saved and thereby it increases the network life time for the sensor nodes. The tree data fusion structure gives high reliable packet transmission and also increases the packet delivery ratio. To estimate a latency and reliability model, by using a modular approach called WMEWMA (Window Mean Exponential Weighted Moving Average). In a large scale sensor networks the localized QoS routing protocol use the localized information which is desirable for Energy Efficiency, Reliability, and Latency. The simulation result demonstrates the data traffic types with the QoS requirements based on the data fusion technique and also provides high reliable packet transmission with high network lifetime.


Wireless Sensor Networks, Quality Of Service, Data Traffic Type, Data Fusion, Localized Routing.

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