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Survey on Treatment of By-Pass Surgery Using Nanorobots

P. Jayabharathi, X. Agnes Kala Rani


Nanotechnology process is used in the manufacturing process. To improve existing products by creating smaller components and better performance materials, all at a lower cost, the number of companies that will manufacture "nanoproducts" will grow very fast and soon make up the majority of all companies across many industries..This method is used presently for treatment-bypass surgery or angioplasty is outdated in this Nano world.Hence by working on such a small scale a Nano robot could operate seamlessly without leaving the scars that conventional surgery does. Nanorobots could remove obstructions in the circulatory system, kill cancer cells, or take over the function of sub cellular organelles. Viruses are among the most important causes of human disease and are of increasing concern as possible agents of biowarfare and bioterrorism. This paper shows any viral respiratory infection could be diagnosed with the help of quantum dot system in an efficient manner. Finally, this gives the concepts involved in detection and curing of heart blockage using nano devices and pictures the solutions for human illness using “Nanotechnology”.


Heart block,electrical impulses,Angioplasty

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