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Personalization in Web Usage Mining Using Neuro-Fuzzy Methods

P. Sasikala, E.R. Naganathan


This paper presents implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy methods for improving web personalization. The objective of this work is to predict the next useful page for the user based on his previous visits in the website.  Due to increase in the number of users on a particular web page, there is continued research going to cater to the users next expected web page. This increases the business for the website launcher. Now a days lots of online transactions are performed in the form of purchase of new products, selling of second hands products. Personalization helps inexperienced users to make transactions quickly with less difficulty. Many methods have evolved over the period to improve personalization of web usage. Existing artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms are combined with Fuzzy logic to form Neuro-Fuzzy logic methods for improving the performance of personalization of web usage.


Artificial Neural Network, Web Server Log, Web Usage Mining, Data Mining, E-Learning, User Access Patterns

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