Vol 10, No 9 (2018)

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Application Programming Interface (API) Ubiquitous yet Unseen to the Naked Eye PDF
V. Manjushree Sahana, Dr. V. Udayarani 180-182
A Survey on High Utility Data Mining for Increasing Transactions Databases PDF
S. Siva, Dr. Shilpa Chaudhari 183-187
Cryptography and Types Encryption and Decryption... PDF
K. M. Sinduja, Namratha Kalsannavar 188-189
Cancer Classification of Gene Expression Data by Fast Clustering and Fuzzy TSVM PDF
B. Kalaivani, T. Vishnusaranya 190-194
Spam Detection Techniques Used In Online Social Media Reviews PDF
K. Arun, M. Manoj 195-197

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