Vol 4, No 4 (2012)

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Identification of Semantic Relation for Disease- Treatment using Machine Learning Approach PDF
P. Menaka, D. Thilagavathy 155-158
Algorithm to Evaluate the Rank of Research Papers using Citation Graph PDF
Bineet Gupta, Dr. Mohammad Husain 159-163
Neighborhood Density based Clustering with Agglomerative Fuzzy K-Means Algorithm PDF
Rachna R. Chhajed, S.R. Shinde 164-168
A Survey Paper on Existing Recommender Systems PDF
Preeti Dahiya, Chhavi Rana 169-174
A Study to assess the completeness of Medical Discharge Summaries at Sooriya Hospital in Chennai PDF
B. Sambath Kumar, Dr.S.S. Rau 175-177
A Systematic Framework for Analyzing Audit Data and Constructing Network ID Models PDF
G. Mohammed Nazer, Dr. A. Arul Lawrence Selvakumar 178-185
Hand Posture Recognition for Complex Decision Making PDF
Ayesha Butalia, Dr. Maya Ingale, Swapnil Patil, Manjiri Bangali, Bhushan Dusane 186-190
Deriving Private Information from Randomized Dataset using Data Reorganization Techniques PDF
S. Shobana, P. Nagajothi 191-194
Extracting Template Properties using Agglomerative Clustering PDF
R. Devika, T. Mohanraj 195-198
Perturbation Based Technique for Privacy Preserving Clustering of High Dimensional Data PDF
R. VidyaBanu, N. Nagaveni 199-203

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