Vol 3, No 10 (2011)

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Comprehensive and Evolution Study Focusing Future Research Challenges in the Field of Multi Relational Data Mining Specific to Multi-Relational Classification Approaches PDF
Amit Thakkar, Y.P. Kosta 594-598
An Emerging Classification Method for Huge Dataset in Clustering PDF
B. Rosiline Jeetha, Dr.M. Punithavalli 599-601
A New Algorithm for Parallel Association Rule Mining in Distributed Shared Memory System PDF
Marghny H. Mohamed, Hosam E. Refaat 602-609
Efficient k-Nearest Neighbour Classification for Trajectory Data by Using R-Tree PDF
Ajaya K. Akaspau, P. Srinivasa Rao, Lokesh K. Sharma 610-614
Efficient Web Service Selection Using KBAnalytics PDF
R. Jeberson Retna Raj, Dr. T. Sasipraba 615-620
A Comparative Study on Frequent Item Set Generation Algorithms PDF
M. Nirmala, Dr.V. Palanisamy 621-625
Team Work Evaluation Using Data Mining Techniques PDF
Koppala Guravaiah, B. Ramakantha Reddy, S. Shiva Prakash, M. Naveenkumar 626-630
Inter Concept Ontology Similarity-Mapping of Feature Based Similarity to Information Theoretic Domain PDF
K. Saruladha, Dr.G. Aghila, A. Bhuvaneswary 631-637
Optimized Web Page Generation Using Web Content Mining PDF
M. Karthikeyan, P. Aruna 638-643
PageRank using MapReduce - an Open-Source Framework for Processing Large Data Sets PDF
N. Rehna, N. Minni, F. Jasmine Natchial 644-649
The Adaptive Framework of Internet Banking Services Based on Customer Classification PDF
A. Meiappane, K. Gideon, Dr.V. Prasanna Venkatesan 650-655

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