Vol 3, No 13 (2011)

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Learning using Heterogeneous Classifier in Data Mining PDF
Amit Thakkar, Reshma Idresh Lakhani, Amit Ganatra 788-792
A Comparative Study of Software Bug Clustering Using Lingo and STC Web Clustering Algorithms PDF
Naresh Kumar Nagwani, Dr. Shreesh Verma 793-802
Handling Missing Information for Approximate Association Rule Mining PDF
Dinesh J. Prajapati, Jagruti H. Prajapati 803-808
An Optimized Spatial Query Method for Nearest Neighbor-Candidate Identification in Time Variant Probabilistic Spatial Data PDF
Md. Shafakhatullah Khan, A. Chandrashekar Sharma, Shaik Shah Nawaz 809-815
A Novel Approach for Effectively Mining of Spatially Co-Located Moving Objects from the Spatial Databases PDF
G. Manikandan, S. Srinivasan 816-821
Automatic Progressive View Maintenance in Datamining and Warehousing PDF
S. Sowndarya, C. Akila 822-826
A Modeling Approach for Datamining and Predictive Modeling Decision Tree Ensembles PDF
N. Poongodi, B. Firdaus Begam 827-831
Ontology based Decision making – Development of Tourism Ontology in Tamilnadu PDF
K.R. Anantha Padmanaban, S.K. Srivatsa 832-837
A Study of Mining for Spatially Co-Located Moving Objects PDF
G. Manikandan, S. Srinivasan 838-843

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