Vol 3, No 15 (2011)

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Analysis of Various Clustering Techniques with Centroid Initialized K-Means Clustering PDF
S. Nisha 884-888
Association Rule Mining Based Decision Tree Induction for Efficient Detection of Cancerous Masses in Mammogram PDF
S. Pitchumani Angayarkanni, Dr. Nadira Banu Kamal 889-893
Pattern Discovery: Inference Analysis Approach PDF
Praveen Kumar Ullengala, Srikanth Jatla, Shaik Shah Nawaz 894-899
A Novel Approach to Allow Process into Critical Section with No Delay-Time PDF
Pradosh Chandra Pattnaik, Md. Shafakhatullah Khan, VSV. Mallikharjuna Rao 900-904
Graph Based Approaches to Generate Frequent Itemsets PDF
P. Hari Shankar, S. Siva Sankar Rao 905-909
Molecular Docking Analysis of ErbB2 Inhibitors using Computer-Aided Techniques PDF
V. Chakradhar, Dr.P. Ajay Babu 910-915
Algorithms for Clustering of Documents PDF
Neeti Arora, Mahesh Motwani 916-921
Texture Based Image Clustering Using Wavelets PDF
P. Jeyanthi, Dr.V. Jawahar SenthilKumar 922-926
Pattern Discovery: An Inference Analysis Approach PDF
Ajay Desai, D. Sujatha 927-933
Classifier Selection Model Based on Gain Ratio Feature Selection Method PDF
P. Amudha, Dr.H. Abdul Rauf 934-939

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