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Particle Swarm Optimization Based MUD Scheme in DS-UWB

P. Anand, C. Susil Kumar, P. Om Prakash


Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is a technology for transmitting information spread over a large bandwidth (>500 MHz) that should, in theory and under the right circumstances, be able to share spectrum with other users. Regulatory settings of FCC are intended to provide an efficient use of scarce radio bandwidth while enabling high data rate personal area network (PAN) wireless connectivity and longer-range, low data rate applications as well as radar and imaging systems. The performance of the UWB system gets degrade by deep fades and intersymbol interference, multiple access interference. To overcome this various Multi User Detection (MUD) schemes are get implemented to it and compare the performance. In this paper, we apply a new evolutionary algorithm, called particle swarm optimization (PSO), to develop a suboptimal MUD strategy. The various MUD scheme (PIC, SIC, MMSE, CMF) is used as the first stage to initialize the PSO-based MUD. Then, the PSO algorithm is applied to detect the received data bit by optimizing an objective function incorporating the linear system of the MUD scheme. Simulation results will show the optimized MUD scheme to overcome the interference problem.



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