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Parallel Flux Patterns for Dynamic EV Charging

R. Loganathan, M. Thamaraiselvan, L. Sangeetha


Dynamic wireless charging of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is becoming a preferred method since it enables power exchange between the vehicle and the grid while the vehicle is moving. In this article, we present Mobile Energy Disseminators (MED), a new concept that can facilitate EVs to extend their range in a typical urban scenario. Our proposed method exploits Inter- Vehicle (IVC) communications in order to eco-route electric vehicles taking advantage of the existence of MEDs. Combining modern communications between vehicles and state of the art technologies on energy transfer, vehicles can extend their travel time without the need for large batteries or extremely costly infrastructure. Furthermore, by applying intelligent decision mechanisms we can further improve the performance of the method.


Flux Patterns, EV Charging, Charging Receiver, Wireless Charging

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