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Performance Analysis of Multi Flux Slip Ring Induction Motor

A. Raj Kumar, S. Ashwin Karthik, K. Swathy, S. Sabariarm


This paper deals with the  design of  multi flux three phase Slip ring induction motor using hybrid GA-PSO Genetic Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization) technique. Multi flux Slip ring Induction motors are widely used in a number of renewable energy applications. In this paper the algorithm considers the two criteria: efficiency and power factor as objective function The hybrid GA-PSO is used to find a set of optimal design variables of the motor which are then used to predict performance indices and the objective functions.. PSO and GA are heuristic search methods being more flexible and robust and reliable in giving better quality. PSO is combined with GA for good knowledge sharing  and synthesizes the merits of both GA and PSO, and it is a simple and yet effective model to handle different kinds of continuous optimization problems  Due to their simplicity  and efficiency PSO and  GA are used in this research to develop efficient, and flexible algorithms to design an multi flux induction motor The rotor used in this multi flux induction motor is slip ring rotor where the staring torque can be varied in the slip ring counterpart so very high torque can be achieved by using the external resistance in the rotor circuit.


Multi Flux Slip Ring Induction Motor, Types of Faults, Genetic Algorithm, Particle Swarm Optimization, Hybrid Algorithm, Winding Connections.

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