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Secured Circuit Breaker Using Password

V. Anand Kumar, S. Ganesh Kumar, V. Karthikeyan, M. Jeevendran, E. Karthickraja


Secured Circuit Breaker Using Password is design to protect a circuit from breaking down which happens due to the over load or fast circuit. several fatal electric accidents may happen due to miscommunication among the upkeep workers & the electrical station cluster of employees. to stay faraway from accidents, the venture is intended whereby solely approved individual will operate it with the assistance of a secret. The secret primarily based fuse may be a GSM that get entry to solely distinctive password to regulate the circuit breaker by exploitation legal man or lady simplest. Right here, there's to boot a provision of adjusting the secret. The machine is totally managed by approach of the eight-bit microcontroller from ATmega328 family that has associate 8KB of read-only storage for the program reminiscence. A matrix keyboard is employed to enter the secret and relay driver IC is used to change ON / OFF the hundreds via relays.


Relay Driver, Matrix Keypad, Microcontroller, Relay, LCD Display.

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