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Survey on RC Controlled Smart Car

Aditya Vaibhav, Alisha Verma, UK. Neha, Suruchi Patil, Dr. P. M. Rekha


With each passing year, vehicle safety systems have been upgraded to benefit people and to help the management of traffic better. Yet, this evolution isn’t capable of completely reducing the number of accidents or deaths due to them. Violations of these rules like jumping the signals, overtaking, driving in the wrong lane on a one- way road, to name a few, are some of the major causes for accidents. The main goal of the proposed system is to collect real-time data from the vehicle, process it, and give the driver warnings or indications about the possible dangers like lane departure, object detected present ahead of them using raspberry pi, camera, ultrasonic sensors. The upcoming new generation vehicles will have much more features with respect to safety along with the use of high- level sensors and a much faster response from the safety system.


Lane Detection, Object Detection, Raspberry pi, Camera, Ultrasonic Sensors.

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