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Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switching Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter Using Partial Resonant Circuit

P. Maithili, C. Udhaya Shankar, K. Malarvizhi, Dr. Rani Thottungal, S. Vidhya


This paper presents about a new soft switching Boost-Boost DC/DC converter using partial resonant circuit. The proposed circuit consists of conventional buck boost converter and partial resonant circuit. The switching devices in this proposed converter are operated by soft switching with a new partial resonant circuit. The partial resonant circuit consists of series connected switch-diode pair with a resonant capacitor, which is operated to a loss-less snubber capacitor. The switching control technique of the converters are simplified and its drive in constant switching frequency.The simulink model for a proposed converter is developed using MATLAB and the same is used for simulation studies. The results from the simulation studies showed that effective soft-switching zero voltage switching (ZVS) and zero current switching (ZCS) action using partial resonant circuit with constant frequency than the regenerative snubber circuit


Buck-Boost Converter, Partial Resonant Circuit, Regenerative Snubber Circuit, Soft-Switching Technique

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