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Implementation of Inverted Sine Carrier for Fortification in Single Phase Asymmetric Cascaded Seven Level Inverter

S. Vidhya, K. Malarvizhi, K. Baskaran, C. Udhaya Shankar, P. Maithili


Multilevel inverter (MLI) is a new breed of power converter that is suited for high power applications. Multilevel inverter is an effective and practical solution for increasing power and reducing harmonics in ac waveforms. This paper focuses on the implementation of inverted sine PWM technique for asymmetric cascaded multilevel inverter with unequal DC sources. This technique combines the advantage of inverted sine PWM technique and asymmetric cascaded multilevel inverter with unequal DC sources. Performance evaluation of the proposed PWM strategy and inverter topology is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK for single phase asymmetric multilevel inverter.


Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter, Multi-Carrier PWM, ISCPWM Technique, THD, Fundamental Output Voltage

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