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Degradation Reduction of Speech Signals

S. Abd El-Moneim, M.A. Nassar, M. Abdelnaby, F.E. Abd El-Samie


Speech signal is a signal that conveys information about the identity, words, age and emotional state of the speaker. If this signal is corrupted by noise, this information may be lost or become difficult to hear.There are several speech enhancement methods such as spectral subtraction method, Wiener filter method and adaptive wiener filtering method. A proposed method of speech enhancement to reduce the degradation of speech signal is introduced in this paper depending on speech averaging, median filtering or minimum periodogram. This averaging method can be used as a preprocessing step in speaker identification. Simulation results show a good performance of the proposed speech enhancement method.


Speech Recognition, Speech Enhancement, Speech Averaging, Spectral Subtraction,Wiener Filter, Adaptive Wiener Filter, Speech Quality Metrics.

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