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Design and Development of DSP System for Pulse CO-oximeter

S. Jegadeesh, Dr. D. Balasubramaniam


A different principles of operation avail for the measurement of heamoglobin. The heamoglobin contain Oxygen binds in red blood cells when moving through the lungs. It is transported throughout the body as arterial blood. Proposed design is a non-invasive hemoglobin measuring system. The method uses principles of pulse-oximeter to measure total hemoglobin, oxygen content, oxygen saturation, reduced Oxyhemoglobin, Carboxyhemoglobin, Pleth Variability Index (PVI), Pulse rate, Perfusion Index (PI) and Methemoglobin. All these parameters in the blood cannot be detected by conventional pulse-oximeter, although it can bias the oximeter’s estimate of the true arterial functional oxygen saturation. This paper depicts a multiple wavelength transmission and photo detecting method adopted to measure total hemoglobin, oxygen content, oxygen saturation and Carboxyhemoglobin. The current method of implementation involves in DSP processor.


Anemia, DSP Processor, Heamoglobin, Non-Invasive, Polycythemia.

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