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Automation of K5401 Air Compressor Using PLC

Jegan Diravianath, Basil T Kuriakose, Manish V Thomas, K. P. Pranav, Sarath Joshy


In the four stages centrifugal air compressor was controlled based on interlocking system. Based on this system various pressure switches and flow switches are provided to check the preset status of the process variables. If any one of the variables changes from the present value then the smooth functioning of the hindered and damaged to the system. To overcome the problem of the existing system we proposed to implement the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The several conditions of  the air compressor (K5401),  has to be continuously analyzed before, after and during the working period of the lube oil pressure, control oil pressure, vibration, flow of steam to turbine etc. These controlled parameters are efficiently controlled by using PLC compared to relay system.


Air Compressor (K5401), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Relay Logic.

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