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Design of Fractional Order PID Controller for Integrating Time Delay Systems

Dr. G. Saravanakumar, Alex Babu, Rinoy John, M. Vishnuprasad, Sivaguru Sivaguru


The paper focuses on the design of fractional-order PID controller used to control process with Integrating & Time delay system. The cascaded Fractional-Order Proportional Integral (FOPI) controller and Fractional-Order Proportional Derivative (FOPD) controller is used to meet the design specifications such as phase margin, gain crossover frequency and flat phase constraints. The proposed controller structure is more comprehensive and simple and can be effortlessly implemented on hardware like Microcontroller, PLC etc. The mission of designing and optimization of controller is carried out in FOMCON (Fractional-order Modeling and Control) toolbox using MATLAB. Further, the effectiveness of the proposed fractional-order controller is compared with Classical PID controller tuned using Ziegler Nichol’s Method. The proposed FOPI-PD controller obtained gave better performance than existing Classical PID controller with same permanent values.


PI (Proportional Integral), PD- (Proportional Derivative), FOMCON, Nelder Mead Optimization Technique.

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Bhase, S.S., Lengare.M.J, Patre, B.M. (2015),"Tuning of robust FO[PI] plus fractional lead controller for integrating time-delay systems", International Journal of Automation and Control, Vol.9, No.3, Pp.247 - 260.

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